When it comes to bleach spots, the best thing you can do is take ½ (or 1 part) white vinegar and ½ (or 1 part) water and saturate the area of color loss.  Let it sit for 20mins at least and then blot with a towel.  This will stop the caustic action of the bleach and allow you time to call us to set up a time to do a color repair for you.  When we arrive, we will neutralize the bleach with a product specially designed for that purpose that has anti chlor agents in it.  Even if the bleach spot has been there for a long time you would still want to do this prior to us coming.  BLEACH NEVER STOPS WORKING….EVER!  It will keep reactivating with the changes in humidity and it can’t be neutralized with water, that only weakens it a bit but spreads it more which will cause more damage.






When in doubt, call us.  The more you do or add to a stain the more difficult it makes it for us.  Most of the time when we arrive on scene the situation is nothing short of chemical warfare before we have even looked at the stain. 




Never rub or scrub your carpet fibers.