Spot Dyeing

To restore bleach spots, sun or ozone fading and other types of chemical color loss.  Using the three primary colors, we can restore any carpet color to from any degree of color loss as long as the fibers are intact.
bleach spot

Stubborn & Permanent Stain Removal

To Remove stains that don’t come out with regular carpet cleaning.  Just because stains don’t come out with a carpet cleaning does not mean you did not get your money’s worth.  Think of it this way, if you dyed your hair and it all came out in the shower when you shampooed your hair you would be upset, especially if you paid for the service at a hair salon.  Dyes, man made or natural do not come out with detergent and water, it takes a lot more effort and that is where we come in.  Red, coffee, wine, orange, blueberries, blood, urine etc are all examples of different types of dye stains and…. We can definitely get all of them out. 

wine stain






Cigarette Burns, Runs, Snags, & Small Carpet Repairs

Runs, burns, snags, holes, tears etc are all repairable from fiber transplants to grafting in new pieces etc.  If an area of color loss or a stain is too severe for the other treatments, this is also a very logical solution.

rip in carpet